ROC February 1997

February 8th, 1997

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 98 N-sec burned

Our fourth ROC launch was cool and partly cloudy, with a light breeze showing itself around 12:30 in the afternoon - not too bad for winter in the desert. Roland Wheeler parked next to us again (for the fourth time in a row!), and served as an inspiration (as always), making several good flights over the course of the day. My friend Scott and I put up eight flights between us.

Flight 1: Small Arcas, AT G33

We had assembled this G33 to fly at the January launch, but I called off the flight "due to high, gusty winds," according to the flight log. The whole thing got disassembled and stored in a Ziploc bag for the interim. I quickly reassembled the motor on-site and we got the Arcas on the pad early. At ignition, the motor chuffed several times before the rocket lifted slowly off the pad. Ejection was extremely late, resulting in a significant zipper and cracked fin. A little epoxy and microballoons and she was in flying shape again.
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