November 8th-9th, 1997

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

2 flights, 155 N-sec burned

This November ROCStock was cool, clear, and calm all weekend, making for perfect flying weather. Notable flights of the weekend included the infamous Gugisberg-Kilmon V2/Warlock drag race (the rockets collided mid-flight!), a Kosdon L1860 shredding the brains out of an RDS kit, and what I think may have been ROCStock's first Magnum drag race.

Flight 1: Lil Nuke, AT F40

This was a nice flight on the F40.

Flight 2: Graduator, AT F50

The Graduator made its maiden voyage on an Aerotech F50, paying homage to the first flight of the 2.6" Arcas which it was replacing. Still clad in white primer with a painted red booster section, it made a graceful boost into the air and landed softly.
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