August 28th, 1999

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

2 flights, 520 N-sec burned

The gradual synergy of the LTR and ROC clubs at Lucerne was quite apparent, and finally, after much buildup, this was the first joint launch of the two clubs. LeT'R ROC happened on a hot weekend at the end of August, and provided great flying weather.

Flight 1: Lil Nuke, AT F40

It took five tries to get the stupid Copperhead to go, but on the 5th try the Nuke had a great flight. (Note to self: I think the alligator teeth on the ROC system poke holes through the gold foil, shorting it out.)

Flight 2: iROC, AT I211

We had picked this motor for the Expediter, but to switch it up a bit and slow things down so we could watch the whole flight, I decided to put it in the iROC instead. It was a good flight to 2207 feet.
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