ROC August 2005

August 13th, 2005

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 707 N-sec burned

This was my last ROC launch before starting college, so I took the opportunity to enjoy the lakebed one last time, since I wouldn't be seeing it for a while. It was beautifully calm in the morning, but the breeze picked up in the afternoon, as is to be expected for the lakebed during this time of year. Turnout was light, but that left more open pads for the flyers who were there.

Flight 1: Apache, AT J90

I had yet to fly the Apache, waiting for a windless day, but one had arrived, so it was time to prep. I used my trusty G-Wiz LC to control deployment, and prepped the rocket for apogee deploy using an R7C. The J90W reload had been sitting around for a long time - at least three years - so it was a little tough to get going. Once it did, the Apache lifted gracefully into the air, absolutely straight with a gentle roll. The rocket arced over, leaving a neat white line from its delay element, and ejected just past apogee, descending slowly to the east end of the flight line.

Altitude: 4,739 ft

Apache on an AT J90
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