Balls 2006

September 29th-October 1st, 2006

/ Black Rock

2 flights, 7900 N-sec burned

Balls 06 began with a nice, calm day on Saturday, but the winds began to pick up around noon and didn't let up for the rest of the day. Sunday was similar, but I still managed to get two flights in the air, both to pretty decent altitudes. It's always great to hang out with everyone at Balls, it's like a big family reunion. This one was no different. That's why it's my favorite launch of the year. Oh, AND I got quoted in the New York Times!

Flight 1: AIR, Kosdon L820

A few days before the launch, I realized that I had a minimum diameter 3" rocket and a 4 grain 76mm motor. Why not put them together? Prep went quickly, and I was one of the first to the pads in the morning. I had mixed up a large batch of thermite for Jeff and Wedge's Ajax Booster, and took a few grams to light my L motor with. When Robin Meredith got to zero, there was a long pause as he tried each pad in sequence, until finally he found the right one, and the rocket took off like a bat out of hell. It wiggled slightly as it passed through Mach, but kept going into the thin haze. After burnout, it disappeared, and so we began searching downrange where other projects had been landing. Within a few minutes, we had located the vehicle intact, beeping out 17,230. SWEET.

Altitude: 17,230 ft

Flight 2: Arcas, Kosdon L630

For Sunday morning, I wanted to put another L motor in the Arcas. A 3 grain slow was the weapon of choice. We were to the pad early again, and with the correct pad selected this time, ignition was on-time. The rocket flew nice and straight on a long orange plume, and recovered nominally at the north end of the range.

Altitude: 12,876 ft

Arcas on a Kosdon L630

others: in-flight

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