July 12th-17th, 2007

/ Jean Dry Lake

1 flight, 658 N-sec burned

LDRS 26 was the second LDRS hosted by ROC, this time at Jean Dry Lake in Nevada. It was, in a word, HOT, but the launch was really well run and everyone seemed quite happy. Todd and I had built an O motor for Chris, Joe, and Charlie to fly in their Talon 12, which we helped get in the air on Monday. The rest of the weekend, I spent most of my time hanging out and pulling range duty shifts, but I did manage to put up the Small Arcas for a nice flight.

Flight 1: Small Arcas, AT J420

Since the first flight seemed a bit underpowered, I figured a step up in motor size was a good idea. We'd had a J420R around for a while, and it seemed like the perfect motor to kick the small Arcas and really get it moving. The boost was fast and straight, with the drogue appearing at apogee, and the main at 800'. The (excessively large?) main deployment charge broke the plastic loop on the nose cone, but no matter -- a little Kevlar and some paint and we're back in business.
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