Thunderstruck 2010

April 10th-11th, 2010

/ Ash Grove Site

1 flight, 177 N-sec burned

Thunderstruck 2010 was the first regional launch put on by Tripoli Indiana, here in West Lafayette. The skies were clear and the temperatures were warm, making for terrific flying weather all weekend, though Saturday was a bit breezy. I spent most of the time helping out on the range and taking event photos, but did manage to get one flight in the air. I had a great time, and it seems like the launch was a big hit; hopefully it grows next year!

Flight 1: DarkStar Lite, CTI H123

My one and only flight for the weekend was the first voyage of this new airframe. The flight was planned to happen as part of a nine-way drag race, with none other than the mayor of Lafayette pushing the button. Darryl from Wildman Kentucky handed me the reload on Sunday morning, and I quickly prepped the rocket before the range opened, so I would be ready for the drag race when the time came. I added a healthy dose of orange tracking chalk to make my rocket distinct among the cornucopia of parachutes that would be appearing. At 1 PM sharp, Eric Barlow was kind enough to bring the rocket out to me on the range, where I loaded it on the rail with the help of (new L3!) Brian Perry, next to Darryl and Crazy Jim. Vic made the announcement over the PA and counted down, and instantaneously all nine rockets roared into the air. I was positioned between the rows taking photos, and it was REALLY COOL to hear nine Skidmarks take off in living stereo! My rocket performed well, deploying its chute at apogee, and landing in the freshly tilled field next door for an easy recovery. Good first flight!
DarkStar Lite on a CTI H123

others: recovery

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