Tripoli Indiana May 2010

May 2nd, 2010

/ Ash Grove Site

2 flights, 458 N-sec burned

Though thunderstorms were in the area the day before, the clouds opened up enough for us to have a great research launch.

Flight 1: Norad, PPL H160

I had made up a bunch of fast propellant and had some bowl scrapings left over. Tom Feldman let me borrow his 2 grain Loki 38mm case, and I thought this would be a nice combo for the Norad on this overcast day. I used the PerfectFlite again for dual deploy, which brought the rocket down nice and easy in the field next door after a 2100 foot flight.

Altitude: 2,136 ft

Norad on a PPL H160

others: recovery

Flight 2: DarkStar Lite, AT H180

For the DarkStar's second flight, I decided to step up to an H180W and see how high it'd really go. I only had a medium delay, so ejection would be a bit early, but RockSim still put apogee around 3400 feet -- plenty high, especially with single deploy and no tracker. The flight was great -- loud, fast, and straight up, but the slightly early ejection popped the reefing tape I had put on the chute and resulted in an long walk for recovery. Eh, it happens!
DarkStar Lite on an AT H180
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