Red Glare 13

November 16th-18th, 2012

/ Higgs Farm

1 flight, 2600 N-sec burned

Red Glare is always a fantastic time, and this one was no different. I drove out on Thursday night and crashed at Todd's for two nights and at the Sleep Inn for one, providing not only an opportunity to hang out with the MDRA crew, but also go out for a bit in DC. The weather was great Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, making for some memorable flights.

Flight 1: Competitor 4, PPL L900

I had run out of AP doing a few big motors earlier in the year, so I had nothing to mix with before Red Glare. Rather than attend rocketless, I dug around in the scrap propellant bin and managed to cobble together a 54-2550 load to fly in the Competitor. Prep was simple on-site, and after one misfire (don't set the motor on the igniter leads, they'll short out), the motor lit up smoothly and sent the Comp on a nice flight into the light breeze. Dual deploy worked nicely and the bird landed in Tommy's backyard. The only hitch was that the previously developed crack (see flight 4) finally opened up enough to allow the bulkplate to be shoved inside. I'll actually have to fix it now...

Altitude: 7,270 ft

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