QCRS April 2014

April 19th, 2014

/ Princeton, IL

1 flight, 4700 N-sec burned

I had to return equipment to QCRS after Thunderstruck and I figured that the launch this weekend was the ideal chance to do it. So I hopped back in the car and headed west with my old reliable Competitor in tow. The weather was gorgeous and warm and I figured this was also the perfect opportunity to work on fixing the (seriously) terrible farmer's tan I had acquired at Thunderstruck and Red Glare. I arrived on the field pretty late-- like noonish-- since I got a late start in the morning. (Free pancakes from the roommates tend to make me want to stick around.) So I missed a few flights. But I still enjoyed 5 hours of flying with the QCRS crowd-- great to see everyone again!

Flight 1: Competitor 4, PPL L800

I was pretty much prepped when I arrived on-site; all I had to do was pack the main chute, turn on the tracker, and pound in the shear pins. After these final steps, I headed to the pads and set up next to Frontpage. We were going about the same altitude, so I was hoping I'd land next to him. He went first, weathercocked a little bit, and landed about 200 yards upwind. I went second and flew absolutely straight up, and disappeared at burnout. Oh well. The tracker was still beeping and confirmed drogue deployment, so I began the hunt; things ended a little over a mile away when I found it laid out in a field with the ARTS beeping out 13,325' and the Raven beeping out 23' (wat?). Excellent flight!

Altitude: 13,325 ft

Competitor 4 on a PPL L800

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