FAR November 2015

November 7th, 2015

/ Mojave Test Area

1 flight, 7200 N-sec burned

Ryan was in town from Boston on SpaceX business, and they gave him a Jeep for a rental. So what do you do? Go to FAR, of course.

Flight 1: emFire, TDK M2400

This motor was originally intended for my IQSY Tomahawk in Indiana, but after I cracked the fins on its last flight I never got around to flying it. When Ryan was in town, we dug around in the magazine and found it all bonded and ready to go. Ryan prepped the rest of the motor while I did avionics and deployment charges and packed the chute. The morning of, we picked up Cancel on the way to the MTA and arrived in style around 11:00 (fashionably late). Final prep was fast, and we had it on the pad in no time. Ryan did the honors, and things were off and away on a nice blue flame that elicited comments from the sugar-happy FAR attendees. (That case seals, even with paint on the inside of it, oops.) Deployment was of the single variety, and after the chute appeared, we spent several relaxing minutes lying on the ground staring skyward at the neon green jellyfish slowly lowering the bird to the ground.
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