Midwest Power 13

October 30th-November 1st, 2015

/ Princeton, IL

1 flight, 650 N-sec burned

Midwest Power 13 was another fantastic event. As usual, the weather was cloudy one day, rainy one day, and fantastic on the third, but I still got some flights in and spent the rain in Tim's shop working on CNC stuff. Though the event's theme was "no triskaidekaphobia", lots of rockets suffered weird failures. It was great to see Terry Smemo at a MWP finally, too.

Flight 1: Punisher 3, CTI J270

With the cloudy weather, I figured it best to keep things low. I had the Punisher all set to go, and dug out an old Pro38 5-grain case to fly it with. I surveyed the array of motors in Wildman's trailer, and chose a Green--I'd never flown it before, and I'm not a fan of making green motors, so it was a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. The rocket flew nicely and was visible all the way up and down, landing just across the waterway on the west side of the field.
Punisher 3 on a CTI J270
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