ROC August 2015

August 8th, 2015

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 683 N-sec burned

Another beautiful windless day at Lucerne! Students from Stanford were down working on their L1 flights, and we managed to get them all off successfully before the end of the day.

Flight 1: Darkstar 3, CTI J250

I had the Darkstar prepped for a full dual deploy mission, but didn't feel like walking too far. The slow-paced day gave me plenty of opportunity to dwell on motor selection, and I had managed to narrow it down to two choices: either a J1055 Vmax to teleport it to a few thousand feet, or a J250 Skidmark to make the mission really worthwhile. I left it up to the students and they, of course, chose the sparky, so that's what happened. The ride up was spectacular--this was one of the first motors out of the new batch of Ti, and holy crap it was loud. The flight was nice and easily visible through drogue deployment at apogee and main deployment a few seconds later, landing a stone's throw from the LCO table. Nice and relaxing!
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