ROC March 2015

March 14th, 2015

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 1261 N-sec burned

The March launch was a little breezy but definitely flyable.

Flight 1: Darkstar 3, CTI J449

For the shakedown flight of the Darkstar, I went for a CTI blue load I had yet to see very many of: the P54-3G. Rick Magee called out the count and hit the button, and the new rocket powered into the sky atop a blue flame, weathercocking gently into the wind. At burnout, it disappeared against the spotty clouds, but all seemed well. However, the tracker died a lot sooner than I expected: no main deployment? After a quick search downwind, I located the rocket laying intact with the main still in place. Turns out cheaping out and using a centering ring on the forward end of a same-end dual deploy setup is a no-go--the ejection charge will blow the bulkhead apart instead of blowing the chute out. No matter: no damage, and after swapping out bulkheads, ready to fly again in no time!
I like to design, build, and fly rockets. PostFlight started as a project to help me keep track of them. Now I've opened it up so you can follow along, too.
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