ROC September 2015

September 12th, 2015

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 699 N-sec burned

Another calm ROC monthly launch. I flew a J motor and it might have been the biggest thing all day!

Flight 1: Punisher 3, CTI J145

I had the Punisher prepped and was endlessly mulling motor choices. I finally settled on a J145SK. Even though I'd already flown this combo once, I wanted to do it again since it was so cool the first time. (CTI, please make more of these.) The line was nonexistent and I got to choose any pad I wanted. (Maybe ROC can set up fewer for monthlies to save on work + burnout, it doesn't have to be this way!) Mike Riss volunteered to LCO and counted down/hit the button as soon as I was done setting up on the pad. The igniter smoked and the motor lit cleanly, sending the Punisher into the sky with a little tail wag--musta been happy to have this motor inside of it again. After six seconds of fire and smoke, all was quiet up to apogee, except for Mike: "wow, that was worth the price of admission!" Or maybe it was ignition :)) Dual deploy brought it back just past the back row of pads. Nice!
Punisher 3 on a CTI J145
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