ROCStock 41

June 12th-14th, 2015

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 6118 N-sec burned

ROCStock 41 was incredible! Weird, amazing weather; Charlie from Aerotech attending; White Thunder drag racing; windless mornings, demo flights, and Jay Orr even showed up. What a weekend.

Flight 1: Dark Energy, CTI M3100

My one and only flight for the weekend was Dark Energy making its triumphant return to M power with an M3100WT. And since I knew he had both a Darkstar and an M3100, I bugged Greg Smith to drag race--and of course he obliged! We set up on 41 and 42, and after some gentle prodding, Jay Orr gave us an amazing sendoff. Greg beat me off the pad with his pyrogen-tipped igniter, but I was right on his heels, and holy cow did those things move out: laser beams up to the big, puffy clouds in the sky. People were hollering after the thunder let up-it was great. We both had drogues and mains appear on cue, but Greg somehow landed next to the port-o-john while I had to take a hike across 247. We both got em back in one piece, ready to do it again!
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