Mini Midwest Power 4

May 27th-28th, 2017

/ Princeton, IL

1 flight, 1232 N-sec burned

Mini Midwest 4 had GORGEOUS weather both days and a great crowd, too. I came in a little early to get a nice vacation in the farm fields and spend time on the CNC. Tim and Jackie were kind enough to loan me their Suburban for launch site transport. I packed light--just a Punisher and a set of Aerotech 54mm cases--which made for a relaxing, fun launch.

Flight 2: Punisher 3, AT J415

The first flight went well on a 2-grain 54mm White Lightning, so I figured I'd keep things rolling with the next casing size up--the classic J415W. Tim confirmed that was the choice he'd make too. After packing the reload, replacing charges, and folding chutes, the rocket was ready to go again by mid-afternoon. Some clouds were rolling through and I was getting nervous about rain, so I ran it to the pads and Steve pushed the button for "impatient David." (Ha!) The darkened skies made for dramatic photos, and the rocket rode straight into the air on the signature White Lightning plume. Apogee deploy was invisible against the cloud deck, but the main deployment just east of the corn crib was easily seen. I landed just past Jackson Lubin's Gizmo 5, and the Punisher was in great shape, ready to fly again.

Altitude: 8,308 ft

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