Length:48"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:54mmBuild Dates:2012-03-01 to 2013-11-01

I impulse-bought a Gizmo when Wildman offered me a smashing deal at Thunderstruck several years ago. I built it pretty quickly, but grounded it for a year while I figured out how to put in avionics. Once I committed to an extension, it would only fit a 1750, so after one flight I'm grounding it again for another rework. Typical Butters. But when it's functional, it's a solid little flyer that's perfect for cheering me up on cloudy days.


Event: Indiana Rocketry March 2014

Date: March 9th, 2014

Motor: PPL K350

Apogee: 3,563 ft

I was planning to fly this back in January when the ceiling was low, so to keep it under the clouds I chose a 1400 slow propellant load. Of course, nobody was there in January since it was snowing so much, and we didn't get a chance to fly again until March. I figured the smaller motor would also let me see everything happen up close and personal on the first flight. Tom McFee couldn't read my handwriting (my fingers were cold!) but despite that, liftoff was timely and graceful, and after burnout, I listened to the altitude readout from the TeleMini on board. When the computer reported apogee, I looked back up, and the two sections were apart free-falling to main deployment altitude. I wish I could fit more shock cord and a drogue in the booster, and my planned rework should rectify that problem. Main deployment was on time and it landed a short walk away after a 3500' flight. Not a bad shakedown!

Butters on a PPL K350

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