Length:23.5"Status:Active / 2 flights
Motor Mount:38mmBuild Dates:2008-07-01 to 2009-06-01

My friend Eric Williams gave me a stash of 2.6" LOC nose cones, and so I had to start coming up with creative ways to use them. I like scale models, and I had a short section of 2.6" tubing left over from the Small Arcas build, so the decision to build a Doorknob was pretty simple. I dug out my old copy of SpRocketry with the Peter Alway scale data in it, and started building. It's got 1/16" G10 fins and a 38mm motor mount for some serious high altitude flying. I also painted it using the two-stage booster paint scheme, so I can add a sustainer at some point.


Event: Tripoli Indiana September 2011

Date: September 11th, 2011

Motor: AT F22

Keeping with the low and slow theme of the launch, I elected to put up the Doorknob, which had been a bit of a hangar queen as of late. The classic Blackjack load provided a slow, arcing flight with late recovery deployment, but everything held together and the Doorknob did a one fin stand on landing.

Event: Tripoli Indiana July 2010

Date: July 17th, 2010

Motor: AT F40

The Doorknob had flown well on the F reloads for the 29/40-120 case, and since I hadn't flown it since last year, it seemed like a good next flight. Prep was leisurely as I demonstrated the reload system to a new flier, and it was soon back out to the pad. The Copperhead got things going right away and the Doorknob took off on a beautiful flight, arcing downrange slightly and really picking up some steam during the burn. Ejection was just past apogee, and she bounced down on the sod to some applause from fellow fliers. Thanks guys :) (I really need to put an H in this...)

Doorknob on an AT F40

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