Length:27"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:54mmBuild Dates:2004-09-01 to 2004-10-01

This was part of the original Goblin drag race special that was the brainchild of Andy Woerner and Wedge Oldham: mass launch the stubby 4" kits on K motors. I added a touch of carbon to my fin roots and a Slimline motor retainer, but otherwise built it stock with 5 minute epoxy. It's held up to a K1100T, as is tradition!


Event: ROCtober 2014

Date: October 11th, 2014

Motor: AT I357

The Goblin at this point had only flown once in its ten year history, so I decided to pop it up on an I357T that I bought from Brian Perry when I was back in Indiana. (Thanks man!) I positioned the bird at the top of the rail, as is tradition, and it turned in a nice flight on the signature Blue Thunder plume.

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