Length:48"Status:Active / 4 flights
Motor Mount:76mmBuild Dates:2014-03-17 to 2014-04-11

One of Wildman's 2013 Black Saturday deals was a 4" Jart kit, and of course I couldn't resist, especially with a 76mm motor mount added for extra fun. Though it's a bit unorthodox in design, it's a simple bird to prep and a rock solid flyer on anything from an I to a K. I like it a lot!


Event: NYA 2015

Date: June 6th, 2015

Motor: CTI J360

My second demo of the day happened after all the kids flew their Estes rockets. I had loaded the trusty Jart with a J360SK to give it a nice, noisy ride to ~3000'. After a countdown mishap (one kid got nervous and started counting up!), we got things underway with a five count. I hit the button and the stubby 4" bird took off hot, straight, and normal, headed for the sun. Our LCO was in complete shock as the motor burned out. Dual deploy worked good, with the rocket landing to the south, but on recovery the motor had worked its way loose and was hanging attached to the rocket by the adapter alone. Lucky!

Jart on a CTI J360

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Event: ROC August 2014

Date: August 9th, 2014

Motor: AT J350

Flight #3 for the day (pre-prep really helps!) was the tubby Jart on a really old AT J350W, with the Stratologger on dual deploy duties. The old motor took its sweet time igniting, but once it did the Jart was away on a fat ball of yellow fire. The altimeter functioned exactly as planned, and we got a nice dual deploy show right in front of everybody. Solid flight to end the day, but this rocket really likes K motors better :)

Jart on an AT J350

others: pad prep

Event: Red Glare XVI

Date: April 12th, 2014

Motor: PPL K600

Apogee: 5,634 ft

After fixing the fin (THANKS for the epoxy, Al!) I reprepped on Saturday morning. I figured I'd get a few things done before Todd flew his (already prepped from last time) Darkstar. But (shocker!) I was totally ready to go sans motor by the time Todd flew. No matter. After traipsing through the woods to get that flight back, I built up the 1400 blue load and put it on the last rack of the day. The motor lit right up and the Jart bulleted off the pad into the sky. Neil's eagle eyes saw the drogue deployment, and we spotted it on the way down again in the grassy field across the ditch. We drove around onto 313 to shorten the walk, and after figuring out where to cross the drainage ruts, picked it up with no damage. Excellent!

Jart on a PPL K600

others: pad prep | liftoff

Event: Red Glare XVI

Date: April 11th, 2014

Motor: CTI J293

Apogee: 3,263 ft

Upon arrival on Friday morning, I stopped by the Wildman trailer and chatted with Tim and CJ, and then quickly got sucked into a Jart drag race. Surprise, surprise. But first I had to finish building the avionics bay! After tinkering for a few hours, I was finally ready to go; I talked myself into a commercial motor to speed up prep time (GASP) and then we were out to the pads. CJ and I had grabbed CTI J293BS motors to race, and Tim claimed he had grabbed a J240RL. Mmm hmm, right. We all loaded up on the B rack, and Neil saved us for last-- he pushed the button and off we went. Of course, Tim had a VMax instead of the blue. (I should have guessed by how BRIGHT RED the propellant was.) My Jart performed well on the Blue Streak motor and did a nice dual deploy, landing in the parking area between two rows of cars. It popped a fin, but CJ and I had her fixed back up in no time. Count it!

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