Punisher 3

Length:48"Status:Active / 4 flights
Motor Mount:54mmBuild Dates:2015-02-01 to 2015-05-01

This Punisher is from the first (Black Saturday 2014) batch, so the centering rings fit. (TIM!!!) It went together smoothly, mostly in Ryan's Ardmore Ave. garage, over the course of a few beers. The avionics board consists of a mostly-permanently-mounted Missileworks RRC2, and I glued on an AeroPack 54mm retainer after charring the heck out of the aft end of the tube on its first flight. Other than that, it's a pretty basic 3" kit that's super easy to prep and essentially bulletproof. Can't wait to try it on a 2550.


Event: Mini Midwest Power 4

Date: May 27th, 2017

Motor: AT J415

Apogee: 8,308 ft

The first flight went well on a 2-grain 54mm White Lightning, so I figured I'd keep things rolling with the next casing size up--the classic J415W. Tim confirmed that was the choice he'd make too. After packing the reload, replacing charges, and folding chutes, the rocket was ready to go again by mid-afternoon. Some clouds were rolling through and I was getting nervous about rain, so I ran it to the pads and Steve pushed the button for "impatient David." (Ha!) The darkened skies made for dramatic photos, and the rocket rode straight into the air on the signature White Lightning plume. Apogee deploy was invisible against the cloud deck, but the main deployment just east of the corn crib was easily seen. I landed just past Jackson Lubin's Gizmo 5, and the Punisher was in great shape, ready to fly again.

Event: Midwest Power 13

Date: October 30th, 2015

Motor: CTI J270

With the cloudy weather, I figured it best to keep things low. I had the Punisher all set to go, and dug out an old Pro38 5-grain case to fly it with. I surveyed the array of motors in Wildman's trailer, and chose a Green--I'd never flown it before, and I'm not a fan of making green motors, so it was a nice way to kill two birds with one stone. The rocket flew nicely and was visible all the way up and down, landing just across the waterway on the west side of the field.

Event: ROC September 2015

Date: September 12th, 2015

Motor: CTI J145

I had the Punisher prepped and was endlessly mulling motor choices. I finally settled on a J145SK. Even though I'd already flown this combo once, I wanted to do it again since it was so cool the first time. (CTI, please make more of these.) The line was nonexistent and I got to choose any pad I wanted. (Maybe ROC can set up fewer for monthlies to save on work + burnout, it doesn't have to be this way!) Mike Riss volunteered to LCO and counted down/hit the button as soon as I was done setting up on the pad. The igniter smoked and the motor lit cleanly, sending the Punisher into the sky with a little tail wag--musta been happy to have this motor inside of it again. After six seconds of fire and smoke, all was quiet up to apogee, except for Mike: "wow, that was worth the price of admission!" Or maybe it was ignition :)) Dual deploy brought it back just past the back row of pads. Nice!

Event: Mini MWP 2015

Date: May 23rd, 2015

Motor: CTI J145

For the first flight of the Punisher, I chose a very marginally-stable motor: the J145SK. After taping it in from the front of the rocket (and getting all kinds of looks from Tim for it), I waited in line for the pad. I love that MMWP, despite being a "regional" launch or something, has like three high power pads set up -- and there's still basically no wait! I loaded up next to Mike Walsh and his awesome WAC Corporal, and got to go first. The Punisher roared off the pad nice and straight on the Skidmark and weathercocked across 1850E. Apogee deployment was drogueless and the main appeared a short while later. Richard Cash helped me fetch it for old time's sake :) Thanks to Justin for the prep table and Jason for the BP!

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