Length:57"Status:Active / 3 flights
Motor Mount:54mmBuild Dates:2001-07-01 to 2001-10-01

The Quasar was my second (and probably last) PML kit using Quantum Tube. I purchased the kit in the summertime after an orthodontist appointment, at HobbyTown USA in Brea. (I think going to HobbyTown was an excuse that my mom used to get me to go to the orthodontist.) It had a KS2K motor mount, but after two landings on playa, the forward end broke off, so now it just uses adapters. I keep stepping up the motors, trying to shred it; we'll see how long it takes.


Event: FAR Solids Class

Date: October 20th, 2007

Motor: PPL I220

Apogee: 3,478 ft

With clear skies and absolutely NO wind, I couldn't not fly a rocket. The Quasar had been prepped the night before, so all that was left to do was load her up and push the button. PyroOp Mark Holthaus gave the OK and after a quick 5-count, off went the Quasar to around 3500 feet. The recovery event was spot-on at apogee, and the Quasar landed just on the other side of the site fence, an easy walk for recovery.

Quasar on a PPL I220

others: preflight | recovery

Event: ROC August 2004

Date: August 14th, 2004

Motor: AT I161

Apogee: 3,340 ft

Considering how well the first flight went, I decided to step the rocket up slowly in power each flight, hopefully stopping before I shred the bird. The next logical step in the sequence was, of course, a 3 grain motor. I had recently acquired an I161W, so it seemed like a perfect combination. I had the rocket loaded up the day before, so in the morning I took the rocket out to the pads, installed the igniter, and it was off on a nice white tail of flame. Ejection was a little early but close enough to apogee for my tastes. The rocket deployed the R4 chute and came down 200 yards away with a little bounce. Unfortunately, as I picked up the vehicle, I noticed that the motor mount was a little more recessed into the tube than it was when I started. Upon further inspection back at camp, the entire front end of the Kwik-Switch motor mount broke off (darn brittle phenolic) and as such the KS motor mount is now useless. No big deal, I'll just use regular adapters. Besides, now I have no excuse not to put a K185 in the bird...

Event: ROC May 2004

Date: May 8th, 2004

Motor: AT H148

After lawn darting my first flight of the day, I decided to pop off a "feel-good" flight using something nice, easy, and reliable. Reliable? Right. I'd never flown the Quasar before, but it seemed solidly built, or at least enough for a 240 N-s H motor. I had just bought a stash of Redlines from Andy Woerner, and decided to pop up the Quasar on an H148R for a nice gentle flight to about 1700 feet. It was quick to load it up, get through RSO and out to the pads. A short wait (which included bugging Wedge, the LCO at the time, to LAUNCH MY ROCKET), and we were off. The Quasar boosted nicely on a hot red flame and jumped into the sky. Deployment was a little early, but it all held together and dropped like a rock on the PML 36" chute. She landed about 200 feet from the pad. Not too bad for a first flight!

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