Diameter:1.63"Type:High Performance
Length:40.5"Status:Active / 2 flights
Motor Mount:38mmBuild Dates:2008-03-14 to 2009-07-31

The Screech was my first Madcow kit, and one of the first ones that Mike had produced. (It's nice living close to the manufacturer!) After scratchbuilding for a while, it was nice to come back to a kit that was so fully featured, down to the details of chute protectors and awesome launch lugs (not to mention the REALLY COOL balsa nosecone that gives this kit its distinct look). I built it with a few modifications - anti-zipper bulkhead design and IM7 carbon fiber on the fins - but I'm so enamored of the kit that I reviewed it on EMRR. I have yet to let it rip on an H or I motor, but I look forward to the day when I do!"


Event: Tripoli Indiana June 2010

Date: June 13th, 2010

Motor: AT E16

Since it was a calm day, I elected to burn up my last E16 reload in the Screech. The last time I tried this combo, a stuck igniter combined with rod whip to send the rocket in all sorts of directions across the sky. This time, with a big piece of Thermalite to get things going, ignition was relatively prompt and the rocket left the pad with some authority. It arced over the flight line and deployed just past apogee, landing short of the treeline to the south.

Screech on an AT E16

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Event: Tripoli Indiana September 2009

Date: September 13th, 2009

Motor: AT F40

Apogee: ~2,560 ft

This would be the first flight for the Screech. To keep my motor case from ejecting, I had assembled a custom adapter the night before that was retained by three 2-56 screws through the base of the vehicle, and allowed forward retention of my 29/40-120 case. I vacillated on motor choice - E16-4W or F40-7W - but the wind was calm and I was feeling gutsy, so I went with the F. Field prep went like a dream and the Screech was quickly on the pad. At ignition, it soared gracefully into the air with a bit of porpoising (long airframe and small fins), but straightened out for the remainder of the burn. It got WAY up there for the Purdy field, and I was afraid I'd lose it, but Screech touched down about 200 yards away on the grass, without a scratch. Not a bad first flight!

Screech on an AT F40

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