This End Up

This End Up
Length:120"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:98mmBuild Dates:2000-10-01 to 2001-07-01

This End UP was built as a vehicle to test out 98mm motor designs. The basic vehicle design was conceived in late 2000 to be a team project for LDRS XX. Parts were ordered, and the construction process begun. The phenolic tubes were laminated with a layer of 6 oz. fiberglass cloth and a veil of 2 oz., then finished in two coats of UV Smooth Prime. The 1/4" plywood fins mount to the motor mount, and are attached there with epoxy fillets and chopped fiberglass. After installation into the skin, the fins were further reinforced with two layers of 4 oz. fiberglass cloth. The entire booster is built with an anti-zipper design, utilizing a forward coupler bulkhead to minimize the chance of zipper. The entire booster is tied together using 1/4" all-thread, and the recovery mount is a 1/4" u-bolt. The upper section features a 24" Drogue bay, a 24" electronics bay, and a 36" main chute bay. Everything is topped with a PML 6" nose cone, donated by Hulan Matthies.


Event: ROCStock 17

Date: June 14th, 2003

Motor: AT M1419

Apogee: 11,121 ft

I camped out at the launch site the night before and began prep work early, about 7:00. The rocket was completely prepped by 11:00, however lunch, motor assembly, and a last minute trip into town to get igniter dowels held up the launch until 2:00 or so. Thankfully, the winds stayed calm and allowed us to get TEU into the air without worry. We loaded the rocket onto Bill's Pad 39A and armed the RRC. After raising, we armed the ALTACC, and checked continuity on all four deployment circuits. We installed the igniters, posed for a couple last photos, and retreated to a safe distance. Jeff Gortatowsky called out the count, I slammed down the button, and Chris started snapping away at photos. The rocket lifted majestically off the pad, took a little turn to the right, and roared into the air. The 7 second burn of the M1419W is awesome. After burnout, the rocket could barely be seen. Knowing the size of this vehicle, we could never have imagined it going that high on just a baby M. Deployment was seen clearly, and TEU began its descent on the R7 Pro-EX drogue. It was being tossed about like a 40 lb rag doll. At 1000 feet, the charges fired and the pilot chute was deployed, fully inflating the main parachute within a second. This End Up was recovered 100% intact about a mile away. Other than some major smoke to the bottom end, she is ready to tear another hole in the sky.

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