V2 6

V2 6
Length:60"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:76mmBuild Dates:2014-10-18 to 2014-10-31

As a thank you for doing the CAD work, Tim gave me a 6" V2 kit. Holy crap, this thing is nice! All-fiberglass with pre-beveled fins and dual deploy out of the nose cone, and it just barely fits a 5 grain M. You could definitely L3 in style with one of these.


Event: Midwest Power 12

Date: November 1st, 2014

Motor: CTI M3100

Apogee: 14,119 ft

The culmination of my fastest L3-class build ever was also my first Wildman drag race ever! We built the motors the night before in Tim's shop, but I discovered the next day that the forward closure of mine didn't seat all the way down. Eep! Luckily, Dr. J was able to throw some elbow grease into it and get things to settle in place. It was muddy and I stepped on my leads, so I didn't go on the first round (and I wore the dress, giving Teresa a fantastic (?) contact photo for her phone), but on the second try, the M3100WT lit and pounded the poor V2 into the sky at a breathtaking clip. I was worried about the big heavy nose cone drag separating from the booster at burnout, but motor shutdown came and went with nary a hiccup. I lost track of it before apogee, but we followed the tracking signal to the other side of the standing corn and came out victorious: 14,119', not bad!

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