Wild Child

Wild Child
Length:24"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:29mmBuild Dates:2011-09-04 to 2011-09-04

Wildman's was offering an LDRS special after his barbecue - $20 for a Wild Child, provided we built it on site. I grabbed Chris LaPanse, Gary Tortora, and Crazy Jim, and we mixed foam, glued rings, and stuck on the decal in less than 10 minutes. The result is a rock solid flier that can take any 29mm motor with pleasure.


Event: Tripoli Indiana September 2011

Date: September 11th, 2011

Motor: AT E23

CJ and I built a Wild Child in less than 10 minutes at LDRS, so of course I had to fly it the next weekend. I taped a copperhead tube to the side of the airframe for a launch lug, attached a streamer, and filled the mount with an E motor to keep the bird on the field. Tom McFee pushed the button and sent the Wild Child on a nice arcing flight into the wind. At apogee, the nose cone separated from the airframe, but myself and Vic Barlow successfully located it after a few minutes of searching. Needs a bigger motor next time!

Wild Child on an AT E23

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