Hey, welcome to my page. My name is David Reese. I've been flying rockets since I was seven-ish, and don't foresee stopping anytime soon. I'm a member of Indiana Rocketry, the Maryland-Delaware Rocketry Association, Quad Cities Rocket Society, the Reaction Research Society, and TRA (serving as a TAP). I enjoy making rockets of all shapes, sizes, and propellants.


Send me an e-mail at dareese@gmail.com. Or, let's be friends:

I like to design, build, and fly rockets. PostFlight started as a project to help me keep track of them. Now I've opened it up so you can follow along, too.
I fly with:
Indiana Rocketry, Inc. MDRA
Hey! What are you doing down here? The rocket stuff (yea, it's © 2017 David Reese) is up there!