ROC October 1998

October 10th, 1998

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

2 flights, 545 N-sec burned

The morning started off windy, and everyone was about ready to throw in the towel, when suddenly the breeze died and it turned into a beautiful day to fly rockets.

Flight 1: Expediter, AT I300

Wind... wind... wind... until about 10 in the morning. Most had given up hope for this launch, but all of a sudden, the typical Lucerne day turned into the not-so-typical Lucerne day and the wind dead stopped. Cool. No lines, open pads. So we pulled out an I300 and stuck it in the Expediter. It was on the pad, altimeter armed, and then all I remember was flipping the switch and the rocket absolutely ROARING out of here on a nice blue flame. It even got comments from the big flyers. This is a really nice rocket/motor combo.

Altitude: 3,283 ft

Flight 2: Graduator, AT G64

We pulled the Graduator out of the car, planning to put it up on some hobby line power. Unfortunately, we were greeted with a nasty surprise -- the fillets on the big fins had cracked in handling on the way to the launch site, and needed to be repaired. No matter, a quick 5-minute job and she was back in business; the flight was nice and high, with a light arc to the west end of the flight line.
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