ROC March 1999

March 13th, 1999

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

2 flights, 171 N-sec burned

Weather was good for this launch, which meant lots of flyers putting up lots of cool rockets. Hulan Matthies was wasting no time burning every Kosdon motor he could get his hands on, and Dr. K himself was there burning off propellant scraps from a hard day's work. This time, however, we knew it wasn't the port-o-john exploding when he did it :)

Flight 1: Lil Nuke, AT F52

I had an F52T reload meant for our original Aerotech Arcas that was now orphaned as a result of the big zipper in it, so into the Nuke it went. Boost was fast and smokeless, and the 8 second delay ejected the chute at apogee.

Flight 2: Graduator, AT G33

The stubborn Blackjack propellant took forever to light, but once it did, the Graduator had a nice, straight, high flight, ejecting the chute at apogee. In light rockets, Blackjack loads are cool!
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