October 14th-15th, 2000

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 569 N-sec burned

The old LTR "Octoberfest" launch had been dormant for a long time. With the merging of Lucerne prefectures, it seemed like an obvious idea to have a joint event. ROCtoberfest was born, with LTR handling the equipment duties and ROC board members finally getting a chance to fly a rocket on the weekend of their usual launch! The weather was perfect all weekend, and the crowds were light, leading to a very laid-back feel and an excellent time.

Flight 1: Laser/LOC 2.1, AT I435

Very cool flight that flew off the first row. (The LTR layout put the first row at the minimum I safe distance, so this was extra cool.) The LCO counted down and touched the button and BAM! the rocket was gone. This is the coolest combo ever. We were lazy on this flight and didn't stick in electronics, but previous flights of the same combination said around 7000 feet and just below mach.
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