ROCStock 23

June 9th-11th, 2006

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 1161 N-sec burned

ROCStock 23 was windy, but it was an excellent two days of flying. Several people (Allen Farrington, Joe & Charlie Cox, Rich Silva) got their L3s, Ken Finwall returned to the playa, and I flew the Arcas on its lucky 13th flight.

Flight 1: Arcas, AT J540

For lucky flight 13, the Arcas went up on an AT J540R to punt it into the air while keeping it low enough to (hopefully) prevent a long recovery walk. The rocket weathercocked into the 10 mph breeze, and deployed the drogue at the 3900' apogee, with the main appearing a short while later at 800'. Upon landing, however, the poor bird got dragged to death, delaminating the forward section of lower airframe, and scratching up the paint. 'Sok, I guess, it needed a new paint job anyways, I guess. Overall, a good flight for a breezy day.

Altitude: 3,986 ft

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