Tripoli Indiana September 2009

September 13th, 2009

/ Purdy Sod Farm

3 flights, 304 N-sec burned

This was my first launch with the Tripoli Indiana crew, on a hot day out at the Purdy Sod Farm. I flew my brains out, putting up everything from my Big Daddy on a D12 to the LOC IV on a G71. I also flew my Screech for the first time, for an excellent flight. Overall, it was a very relaxing day of flying!

Flight 3: LOC IV, AT G64

For my first AP flight of the morning, I decided to go for the LOC IV on a G64W. I still wasn't too comfortable with flying on such a small field, so I figured this combination would keep the altitude low while still providing for some excitement. After trimming the delay to 4 seconds, prep proceeded as usual, and I had the rocket on the pad in no time since there were no avionics involved. A quick countdown and the G motor fired up, taking the LOC IV on a nice flight, with a close landing. My small field confidence was boosted!
LOC IV on an AT G64

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Flight 4: Screech, AT F40

This would be the first flight for the Screech. To keep my motor case from ejecting, I had assembled a custom adapter the night before that was retained by three 2-56 screws through the base of the vehicle, and allowed forward retention of my 29/40-120 case. I vacillated on motor choice - E16-4W or F40-7W - but the wind was calm and I was feeling gutsy, so I went with the F. Field prep went like a dream and the Screech was quickly on the pad. At ignition, it soared gracefully into the air with a bit of porpoising (long airframe and small fins), but straightened out for the remainder of the burn. It got WAY up there for the Purdy field, and I was afraid I'd lose it, but Screech touched down about 200 yards away on the grass, without a scratch. Not a bad first flight!

Flight 5: LOC IV, AT G71

Since the G64 flight went well, I decided to amp it up a bit with the punchier Redline load for this case. I once again drilled the delay for the heavy rocket, and headed to the rangehead. There was actually a line for the away pad - look how popular we're getting! After Randy flew his Phobos on a G185, I loaded the LOC IV on the rail with a Copperhead igniter. The boost was fast and straight, but ejection happened a few seconds after burnout; either the delay was bad (internet fearmongering, anyone?) or I just drilled it too short (more likely). No matter, as the chute quickly inflated and stopped the light, draggy rocket with no damage; the descent was nominal and the LOC IV landed gently in the grass a few hundred feet away.
LOC IV on an AT G71

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