Red Glare XIV

April 12th-14th, 2013

/ Higgs Farm

1 flight, 7600 N-sec burned

Red Glare 14 started out as a muddy, rainy mess on Friday, but Saturday and Sunday had some really nice flying weather. I flew one rocket because I didn't want to trek through the goop to get another back, but still had a great time! Special thanks to Todd for putting us up in DC and Gloria from AMW for securing a room for us on Saturday night. Looking forward to the next one!

Flight 1: IQSY Tomahawk, PPL M1570

I wanted to make something nice for Red Glare since last time I only showed up with one measly 2550 to fly, and a big batch of 5/3 carb red was just the ticket. I elected to re-fly the Tomahawk on the 7600 case since I knew it would perform well and give a nice flame. Loading was easy on one of MDRA's famous hydraulic towers, and after fiddling with the avionics for a bit (ran the wires out the hole closest to the rail -- oops), I turned in the card and Neil counted down. The motor lit up nicely and carried the rocket into the sky on a shockwave-laden red laser beam. The Raven fired the drogue a little early on the way up (still going ~125 ft/sec per the ARTS and it shows up in the Raven baro graph too), but it all held together for a nice main deployment, thunking down in the soft grass field under the R14 and sticking the landing. Special thanks to Todd and Dan for helping me carry it out of the field!

Altitude: 8,484 ft

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