QCRS June 2014

June 14th, 2014

/ Princeton, IL

1 flight, 1750 N-sec burned

The corn was knee-high, but that didn't stop us from flying rockets on the road! This was one last hurrah for me in the Midwest before moving back to California, and it was a great, fun time, recapping the highlights of my past five years flying at Princeton, Walcott, Ash Grove, and Purdy.

Flight 1: Wildman 3, PPL K900

This motor was the last of the Alumaflame batch that I had cast up for Midwest Power several months ago. Since it was the first flight of my new rocket, I elected to run conservative on the nozzle throat size, swapping up to 0.656 instead of the usual 0.563. The result was a nicely extended burn time and a gorgeous blue flame attached at the nozzle. YEAH! The rocket cruised smoothly up to apogee on a long trail of thin white smoke and performed a nice dual deploy on the way down, with the orange-and-white Spherachute main laying across the top of some corn next to the road, making it easy to find. Goodbye for now, Princeton. See you soon!

Altitude: 7,200 ft

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