ROC April 2015

April 11th, 2015

/ Lucerne Dry Lake

1 flight, 1789 N-sec burned

The May launch was tons of fun: Andrew flew twice, Greg Smith was there, and we got visited by an Osprey! It also saw the demise of Allen's Magnum, which was a ROC classic :( I flew my Darkstar again to redeem last month's sub-par performance.

Flight 1: Darkstar 3, AT K1103

After vacillating all day on motor choice for the second flight of the Darkstar 3, I settled on another 1706 load I had yet to fly. The K1103X is the incredible thunder child of a K550W and a K1100T, except with another H motor's worth of total impulse. I was confident the rocket could take it, but when Rick Magee counted down and hit the button and the rocket bolted off the rail with a brain-melting roar, I got nervous for a second. (GARY I REALLY LIKE THIS MOTOR PLEASE MAKE A BIGGER ONE.) Of course things went fine and the rocket cruised on up to apogee past 11,000'. The upper event was once again invisible, but main deployment happened just uprange, easily visible from the truck. Thanks to dad for getting it back for me!

Altitude: 11,061 ft

Darkstar 3 on an AT K1103
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