BHP Nike

Length:54.68"Status:Active / 1 flight
Motor Mount:76mmBuild Dates:2006-08-01 to 2009-02-13

4 inch Nike kit by BHP, custom-built with a 76mm motor mount. Glassed with one wrap of 6 oz. on the tubes and carbon tooling cloth/6 oz. on the fins. Dual deploy with altimeter bay in the coupler, coupler is reinforced with one wrap of Carbon/Kevlar.


Event: ROC February 2009

Date: February 14th, 2009

Motor: AT J540

Apogee: 5,269 ft

I had finished painting and installing rail buttons the night before, so prep began the morning of. I wanted to fly a J800T, but Jack was out, so I ended up with the J540R - not a bad compromise, as the Redline would go well with the neon pink fins. Everything was ready by 11 AM, but putting the rocket on the rail revealed that I had forgotten to install the rail button standoffs to accommodate the nose cone lump, so after reinstalling the buttons with standoffs, pad install went smoothly, the ARTS was armed, and igniter was installed. Nice boost to just about a mile, but a major wiggle developed about halfway through the burn that I attribute to a loose nose cone in the payload section. Successful dual deploy brought the rocket down about 1000 feet away on the SkyAngle main, obviating the need for the RocketHunter which I had installed. Nice first flight!

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