FAR Solids Class

October 20th, 2007

/ Mojave Test Area

1 flight, 450 N-sec burned

We spent most of the morning discussing solid propellant, and then mixing and packing a batch. Luckily, the day stayed calm, with absolutely beautiful clear skies. I went ahead and loaded the Quasar with an ARTS and a 72/10 load in the 480 case to fly, which went just peachily. My friend Adi was also out filming for a documentary class; she got some cool shots of the site. Overall, it was a very successful day.

Flight 1: Quasar, PPL I220

With clear skies and absolutely NO wind, I couldn't not fly a rocket. The Quasar had been prepped the night before, so all that was left to do was load her up and push the button. PyroOp Mark Holthaus gave the OK and after a quick 5-count, off went the Quasar to around 3500 feet. The recovery event was spot-on at apogee, and the Quasar landed just on the other side of the site fence, an easy walk for recovery.

Altitude: 3,478 ft

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